Housebound is the continuation of a series of projects by artists Anna Winter and Laura Conway exploring art making in the home. As opposed to being bound by a narrative puddy these films are connected by their geographic point of origin – the artists home. We are interested in what you make while at home.

We intend to screen American DIY works on the continent. Ideologically we represent a group of artists and filmmakers who lack $$$$$$$  and have therefore formed invisible and pervasive structures of support through collaboration in artistic communities. Housebound is an attempt to celebrate and further the ability of DIY to melt the burden of  conditions of economic poverty, social alienation and political dis­en­fran­chisement experienced by avant-garde and experimental artists under conditions of late-capitalism. We hope to bridge the often-disconnected underground art scenes of Europe and the United States.  Finally we want to have a disco dance party with you.

Join us in overindulging yourself in a grand and putrid cinema buffet.



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